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Why the Cloud is Better and Safer than Traditional On-Premises Security

Cloud storage is here to improve business efficiency while keeping businesses safe from ransomware and cyberattacks. But many businesses are still hesitant to move into the cloud. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about cloud security. In this article, we will break down the top reasons why the cloud is not only safer than traditional on-prem security, but it is considered better than its counterpart.

Over the internet vs in your building

A common objection is if you’re on the cloud, your information is “out there” while on-premises security is in your building. Something that is right next to you has to be less likely to get hacked than something floating out over the internet, right? Well, not quite.  When your data is in the cloud, it’s not actually stored on the internet. While your data is accessible to you via the internet, all data is stored on a server in a secure data center. These data centers are heavily protected and house multiple back-ups of your data. Now compare that to an on-prem server. Most on-prem servers don’t have the same protections and security that data centers are able to put in place. This allows for more points of access for hackers.

Physically connected servers.

your environment is hosted completely on-site, the entire infrastructure is at risk when part is hacked.  Because everything is physically in the same space, on the same network, it’s all connected. This means it can all be infiltrated once the hacker gets in.  If your backup is on the same network, chances are it’s compromised as well. This is not the case for the cloud.  Your cloud backup is completely separate from your network, and therefore can remain unaffected by the cyber attack. As a result, your recovery and restoration time after an event will be greatly reduced.


From a consumer standpoint, the price you pay for everything the cloud gets you is dramatically cheaper than if you were to buy all of the equipment, features, and employees yourself. You can save money too by eliminating the need to manage an inventory of hardware. Not to mention the cost of if you are hacked is significantly cheaper with the cloud, financially, physically and emotionally.


If your computer crashed right now, would you be able to log in to another computer picking up right where you left off? If you have on-prem servers, the answer is most likely no. However, if you were on the cloud, you could pick up another computer, tablet, or phone and sign back into your account and pick up right where you left off as if nothing ever happened. The cloud is hardware agnostic, it can run on almost any device.

Cloud software is also better tailored to your business. Cloud software was designed around the idea that people aren’t always working in a traditional office environment anymore.  Therefore, there are constant updates and improvements being made, helping the cloud mold to today’s business environment.  On site solutions are typically limited in their configurations and don’t offer the same flexibility you can find with cloud solutions.


In the event of a natural disaster, your on-site infrastructure is just as vulnerable as you are.  If the power goes down, or the building floods, so does your hardware.  When you place your infrastructure in the cloud, you remove this vulnerability.  The physical separation, and redundancy of the cloud data centers help you sleep easier at night!
With cheaper costs, secure servers, better security, and more flexibility,, it is no wonder so many businesses are switching to the cloud. What are you waiting for?

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