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The Right Cloud Migration for Financial Professionals

Moving data to the cloud has become more vital than ever before. Financial service professionals can optimize their cloud environments with help from the cloud migration service experts at Cii Technology Solutions.

Moving to the cloud can be a scary transition. It’s perfectly normal for businesses to be skeptical about cloud migration, especially financial service organizations. But now that cloud-based technology is a pivotal part of our everyday lives, it’s important that we commit to the move. The fact is employees work with extensive data and a cloud-based network can give your company more leverage to succeed.

Why Develop a Cloud Computing Migration Strategy?

The cloud is more than just an online data center. It’s a sophisticated network that gives your IT infrastructure greater agility, innovation, customization, and security. Converting to the cloud is pretty seamless, but users often hesitate because of safety concerns and data privacy and compliance issues. Fortunately, this process can help you avoid all of these headaches.

When migrating your business to the cloud, make sure to follow these critical steps:

Establish a Game Plan

You might be surprised at how many organizations jump into the cloud without a migration strategy. To make the conversion successful, you need to develop a strategy that aligns with your unique business needs. This includes your technology’s speed, agility, and flexibility.

Before you decide to send your data into the cloud, you’ll want to examine your entire IT environment. Perform a portfolio analysis to test how efficiently your current IT systems perform. This will show you where vulnerabilities exist in your network, allowing you to see where your IT system needs the most improvement.

Choose the Right Applications

Once you’ve analyzed your infrastructure, you’ll need to determine which applications are most suitable for your cloud environment. Not every application is cloud-ready, though. Some apps need to be customized to go through the migration process.

After an application has been tailored, it will need to undergo a lifecycle management process to make it apply to your current network. This is a comprehensive process that usually requires a lot of time. Before converting all your apps, analyze your network to determine if some of these tools are worth replacing or retiring.

Build Your Infrastructure

If you’re running a financial service company, your core focus should be to help your customers maintain financial stability. Don’t add the stress of migrating to the cloud to your already busy schedule. Let a team of professionals handle that for you.

At Cii, we specialize in bringing our clients’ ideal cloud environment to life. We’ll be able to support you with the right hardware to make your cloud movement easy and safe. Whether you’re creating a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment, you’ll always have access to modern tools that are easy to use. And just so you can get the best out of these resources, you’ll also be able to use cloud consulting services to ensure your cloud experience is always as sharp as can be.

Conserve Your Data

Financial service providers deal with a variety of sensitive documents every day. Data integrity is one of the most important priorities when working in this industry. From business reports to company budgets, invoices, and credit card bills, there’s a lot of confidential information to manage.

By working with the right cloud service providers, you’ll be able to use the right file-transferring tools to mitigate the risk of your most valuable items leaking into the wrong hands. You’ll also be able to take advantage of managed services that prevent hackers from confiscating information and disasters from destroying it. And if this does happen, you’ll be able to access your backed-up data easily from an offsite data center. This ensures you never lose access to your most important files.

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