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The Importance of AI Spam Filtering

Email privacy has been a critical issue since the early days of the internet, but an AI spam filter solution from Cii helps prevent privacy invasion threats.
Forbes defines artificial intelligence (AI) as the “ability of machines to ‘think’ like humans and perform tasks considered ‘smart,’ without explicitly being programmed to do so.” In simpler terms, AI is a form of computer science that gives machines life-like abilities. Over the past few years, AI has become a popular trend, particularly from a consumer standpoint. But with the constant evolution of smart technology, don’t be surprised if we start seeing AI systems play a more pivotal role in the world of business.

Today’s businesses rely on infrastructure with state-of-the-art utility features. Email programs are among the most important applications used each day. In this blog, you’ll learn how AI technology can help businesses keep their inboxes organized with only the email messages that matter.

Artificial Intelligence’s Greatest Benefits

AI is more than just a machine-learning (ML) platform. This intuitive technology plays a vital role in the fight against cyber-danger. It’s particularly important for recognizing and thwarting unwanted spam messages, but that’s just one of its many capabilities. This is just a small sampling of the many benefits of this technology:

More Firewall Support

Your firewall is the network’s first line of defense. Though these security solutions are strong enough to fight off incoming threats, they lose their durability over time, and spam often finds its way into your mailbox. Sometimes your firewall won’t cover the network as a whole, which gives the hacker more leverage to find his way to your email system. If spam traps do slip through the cracks, your AI system will not only recognize spam, but it will automatically push it to a junk drive. You’ll also get an alert once spam or malicious threats enter your email system.

Malware Detection

AI can also sense when spam is linked to malware threats. Not all spam emails are traps, so malware is likely to make its way in your inbox after all. AI spam filters scan each incoming message and label any objectionable content. Its intelligent learning capabilities label warning signs of malware. If a message containing this malicious software is found in your inbox, it’s immediately flagged and you’re alerted not to touch it.

Reputation Management

Spam also stems from poor internet reviews. The source of this spam is often linked to a defective domain or unauthorized IP address. AI systems recognize sources of spam, purely by their reputation for sending bad reviews. Your filtering system relies on human rating functionalities to trigger anti-spamming systems to block these messages from your inbox.

Automated Whitelisting

AI anti-spammers come equipped with a built-in whitelisting function. Whitelisting essentially identifies what should and should not be in your mailbox. It recognizes spam algorithms and separates messages into a different folder. This allows you to sort through your inbox and organize your mail with messages with only pertinent and safe content.

Automated Blacklisting

Blacklists are exclusive lists you don’t want to be part of. Unlike whitelisting, blacklisted messages are automatically turned down without further analysis. If your message ends up on the blacklist, it’s considered dangerous and will be automatically filtered into a junk drive. When a message gets blacklisted, users are blocked from accessing the message as it is due to the dangerous content it contains.

Trust Cii to Keep Your Inbox Safe and Organized

At Cii, we are more than just an ordinary managed service provider (MSP). We are a team of problem solvers dedicated to helping you get the most out of your technology. Whether you are taking a leap into the cloud, or you need help building a new email program, the Cii team is always available to help.

We take pride in everything we do and deliver solutions with the highest level of quality at a price that won’t break your budget. Your safety and privacy are always our most important priority, so you can count on us for a solution that not only honors these values but serves your needs.

Whether you want to advantage of North Carolina’s best managed IT solutions or just want to learn more about our sophisticated email filter solutions, Cii is here to provide the answers you’re looking for. Contact us to set up a free IT consultation with one of our experts!