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Raleigh Managed Service Providers: What to look for

Every business, no matter its size, needs a well-managed IT infrastructure. The right technology enables companies to operate more efficiently, maintain a competitive edge, and grow.

However, IT management is complex and requires constant upkeep. It can be challenging for small to mid-sized businesses to dedicate the time and resources to maintain their technology on their own.

That’s where managed services come into play.

An IT support company connects small businesses to remote technicians who handle their technology needs through various managed services. These services offload the stress of managing complex IT tasks so that businesses can focus on their core operations.

There are plenty of up-and-coming businesses in Raleigh that could benefit from managed IT service. As the second-most populous city in North Carolina, Raleigh has become a highly competitive area for new companies.

If you own a small business in the Raleigh area, you cannot afford to fall behind. Now is the time to ensure your technology accelerates your company’s success, not hindering it. Here’s everything you need to know about Raleigh managed services and how to find a trusted provider. 

What Are Managed Services?

Before we get into how Raleigh businesses can benefit from managed services, we must first define what these services entail.

Managed services allow companies to scale efficiently and grow without increasing overhead. Instead of tasking an internal IT team with technology management, companies tap into the expertise of a managed service provider who handles all tasks from one location.

Raleigh managed service providers like ours will: 

  • Implement solutions to boost uptime.
  • Protect your IT systems from cyber threats.
  • Respond quickly to your IT concerns.
  • Stay informed and bring you new technology developments.

In short, quality managed service providers will help optimize your business for long-term success. 

What Managed Services Should You Expect from a Provider?

When evaluating local providers, you’ll notice that they offer a range of different managed services. It’s essential to understand which of these services will benefit you the most to ensure you find the right partner.

Here are a few managed services to keep an eye out for:

Network Assessment Services 

With this service, a team of expert technicians will thoroughly assess your business’s entire network infrastructure for any weak points. After the assessment is complete, your managed service provider will recommend appropriate solutions to address any issues that might be present.

A quality Raleigh managed service provider will not upsell you on services that aren’t necessary for your business. Instead, they will only offer solutions that guide your business forward and fit within your budgetary constraints.

Layered Security Services 

Roughly 43% of all cyberattacks are targeted at small to mid-sized businesses. Cybercriminals tend to target this demographic because they typically lack the proper resources to defend themselves against such attacks. This leaves them vulnerable to data breaches, ransomware, and other malicious attacks that could cripple their business.

A quality managed service provider will help your business minimize these risks by equipping you with multiple layers of protection. Layered security services include everything from antivirus software and firewalls to security protocols that monitor your network in real-time.

Help Desk Support Services

For small to mid-sized businesses, help desk support is essential. This service provides you with around-the-clock access to technicians. These experts can assist with any technical difficulties your team encounters when using company technology.

For example, if you’re experiencing an IT issue, a managed service provider can remotely log into your network to diagnose the problem. Then, if necessary, a technician will make any repairs required to ensure everything is running smoothly.

What Qualities Should You Look for in a Raleigh Managed Service Provider?

Some managed service providers will be better equipped to serve your business needs than others. That’s why it’s critical to do careful research before making your selection.

Here are some qualities to seek in a Raleigh managed service provider:

Technical Expertise

Your Raleigh managed service provider should have extensive experience working with companies similar to yours. They should also be well-versed in your industry’s latest compliance, security, and IT trends. 

Their knowledge of your industry will help them meet your business’s unique IT needs and challenges. This, in turn, will help you prevent disruptions in your business and maintain a competitive edge.


It’s also a good idea to look for a Raleigh managed service provider that takes a proactive approach to IT management. This means that they’ll offer preventative services to minimize IT issues before they occur – rather than only responding when problems arise.

A proactive IT provider will monitor your network around the clock for any potential problems. If they notice an issue or security flaw, they’ll work with you to resolve it before it impacts your business.

A Proven Track Record in Your Industry 

Finally, a Raleigh managed service provider should have a history of success working with businesses like yours. Past client reviews and testimonials from others in your industry, for example, will give a better sense of what you can expect from their services. 

It’s also a good idea to speak with the managed service provider directly about their past successes. A quality provider will be eager to showcase how their managed services have helped other businesses like yours succeed.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Raleigh managed services can provide your business with a range of benefits. By choosing a provider with the right mix of services and know-how, you can ensure your IT infrastructure is optimized and secure. 
How will dependable Raleigh managed services benefit your business? Let’s find out together.