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Cii’s Remote Desktop Services.

It doesn’t matter where you’re working from—Cii’s Remote Desktop Services will keep you connected with your entire office.


Connection Matters

The more flexible your technology is, the easier it is to collaborate with your team, regardless of where they’re working from. Cii’s Remote Desktop Services (RDS) allow your staff to stay connected with seamlessly integrated remote applications, turning wherever you can find an internet connection into your temporary office. It’s an incredibly valuable tool, especially for small to medium-sized businesses; you’ll never feel like you’re overextending yourself or sacrificing productivity if an employee is working outside of the office. Our diverse range of Remote Desktop Services include:


Powerful, reliable computer workstations to maximize productivity and reduce downtime.


Expert guidance on what to purchase, when to upgrade, and overall communication on all desktop support and maintenance issues.


Raleigh-based tech support for general and brand-specific maintenance (Microsoft-licensed).

Maximize Flexibility For Your Company.

The more malleable your business setup, the easier it is to be efficient. Cii’s RDS offering is the best way to increase flexibility.

What Are The Benefits of RDS?

There are myriad ways that an RDS platform can help your company. If you’re serious about increasing flexibility, implementing a scalable service offering, and making your employees’ lives that much easier, it’s a no-brainer. We’ve listed some of the more relevant benefits than an RDS platform can supply your company with once you make the jump.


Provide solutions to devices that otherwise may not contain the processing power or storage capacity to run the applications natively.


RDS allows users to compute resources on specific applications without necessitating a full-service upgrade for everyone’s devices. This helps companies reduce the cost of end-user devices.


Unique data storage options, including seamless cloud integration and migration. If the device you’re using isn’t working, you can simply start working with a different device so long as you have an internet connection.


Cii can help minimize configuration time—since the applications or desktops are delivered from the cloud, as opposed to being stored on the local device, users just have to connect to their remote applications or desktops to start working from anywhere.

Every solution you implement for your network should be about increasing productivity. With RDS from Cii, we can do exactly that. Every solution you implement for your network should be about increasing productivity. We give your company the flexibility you need to accommodate remotely-stationed employees so that your team can collaborate effectively, no matter where they’re working from. We want to put your personnel in the best position possible to work effectively, without having cumbersome technology dictate how well they perform. With Cii, you’ll never have to blame technology again. Our job is to run the baton all the way to the final leg—once we’ve built up your advantage, it’s your turn to cross the finish line.

The Support System Your Company Needs

Get in touch with us so we can learn more about your business and find the best ways we can help. We designed our IT support pricing to specifically meet the needs of medium and small businesses, allowing us to offer an extremely competitive and flexible support package that our clients really appreciate.

Call our business managed IT services department directly at (919)-676-8300 or simply fill out this form and we will get in touch with you to set up a getting-to-know-you introductory phone call.

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