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Security Service That You Can Count On

Protecting the integrity, functionality, and usability of your network and its corresponding data is critical for a high-performing business. That’s why Cii offers secure network solutions designed to keep your business-critical data safe and your infrastructure functioning at the level that you need it to. Our network security works by combining several layers of defense mechanisms to keep your protection airtight.

Security Service Features

  • Access Control: Allows for permission settings for each individual network user. Users are carefully maintained and monitored, no matter what device they’re using across your entire computer network for each IP address.
  • Anti-Virus And Anti-Malware Software: Designed to protect your business from viruses, worms, Trojans, ransomware, and spyware.
  • Application Security: Whether pre-manufactured or custom-built, you need to minimize the gaps that external threats can exploit.
  • Data Loss Prevention: Keep your business-critical information safe, no matter what.
  • Email Security: Email inboxes are one of the first places hackers look to target. Cii will block incoming attacks and control outbound messages.
  • Firewalls: Set up a barrier between your network and the outside world so that your hardware and software goes unencumbered.
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS): Cii installs a solution that blocks, tracks, and remediates threats, otherwise known as an intrusion detection system. We also analyze behavioral analytics to account for potential threats.
  • Security For Mobile Devices: No matter what you use to get work done, Cii will keep your mobile devices safe for secure remote access.
  • Network Segmentation: We define network traffic into different classifications, making the enforcement of security policies that much easier.
  • Security Information And Event Management: Is your information protected? Hackers won’t be able to gain access to your network when you work with Cii.
  • VPN—Virtual Private Network Encryption: End-to-end encryption keeps your information safe.
  • Web Security: Keep hackers at bay with Cii.
  • Wireless Security: Your wireless networks need to be as airtight as any other part of your infrastructure.

Keep Hackers At Bay.

The more effort you put into your security, the likelier you are to stay protected. Cii offers managed security services.

How Prepared Are You For a Cyberattack?

While technology evolves and allows you to take on more responsibilities in a more efficient way, cyberattacks become more sophisticated as well. The only thing that you can do is to accommodate accordingly; make sure that your network security is up-to-date, no matter what. Increasing your network security decreases the chance of privacy spoofing, identity or information theft, and other threats that you may not have seen coming. Don’t ever leave the security of your network up to chance—take action before it’s too late, and update your network security today with Cii.

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