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Finding the right security software doesn’t have to be a headache. With Cii, we make sure that you’re always protected.

Be Proactive With Your Network Security

If you don’t take the time to implement an all-encompassing security solution, you might be putting all of your data and business processes in harm’s way. Cii’s layered security approach keeps your networked environment safe.

  • Managed Business Anti-Virus: All anti-virus end points are kept up to date with the latest definitions to protect you from the latest threats.
  • Managed Anti-Malware: Protects you from malicious software like spyware that could compromise your data.
  • Third Party App Patching: Keeping products like Adobe and Java up to date are crucial to avoid being exposed to security exploits.
  • Web Filtering: Helps protect you from Ransom-Ware threats and the many copycats that are out there.

Seamless Updates For Optimal Performance

The security solution use for your network shouldn’t involve you compromising productivity. Businesses can’t afford to spend all of their time with real-time threat monitoring—if you have to take time off work to perform updates or review your security status, you’re putting your company (and operating system) at a disadvantage. Cii works proactively to update Java and Adobe for optimal performance and security. We keep you protected from potential threats you might be unaware of, which in turn helps you maintain productivity and stabilize your bottom-line. You need a solution in place that allows you to devote more time, effort, and money to your short- and long-term business objectives. Why work with technology that limits what you can achieve, while also leaving you exposed to myriad issues? With Cii, we provide more than just an anti-virus solution, we provide a complete layered security platform that protects your network without jeopardizing productivity. Keep your network safe at all times, and work with a reliable provider that doesn’t neglect your critical information.

Is Your Network Safe?

Threats seen and unseen can have a disastrous impact on productivity, your budget, and data security. Stop viruses with cyber security solutions from Cii.

Don’t Wait—Act Fast

The more time you spend deliberating on a cybersecurity solution and which provider to go with, the more likely you are to suffer a cyberattack. To make sure that you are protected by a quality business class anti-virus and security software solution as quickly and efficiently as possible, choose Cii for simple onboarding and thorough ongoing support. We make sure that the services we install for your network fit seamlessly with what you need—no more working within a security system that doesn’t protect what you need it to. Our security suite covers a diverse range of areas, making it the best in the business for keeping your network safe. With a layered security system and a cyber security solution designed to repel threats at every turn, you’ll never have to worry again about whether or not you’re protected. Choose a provider that you can count on, no matter what. Choose a provider that specializes in stopping threats that you aren’t even aware of. Make the right choice—choose Cii for your layered security solution.

Discover how we can improve your network

Finding the right technology solution is impossible without the right provider. At Cii, we take the time to understand where you’re going; our job is to make sure that you get there. Reach out today for more information.

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