Custom Software for Big
Accounting and Auditing Firms

For the past 31 years, Cii has developed custom software for top 10 largest global accounting and auditing clients.

Attention Auditing Firms:
Our knowledgeable and experienced software development team is available to increase your team’s productivity by creating custom tools for you.

Meet Our Development Team

Andy Barnhart

Bill Cowart

Mike Taylor

Eric Pullen

Jeff Voigt

Paul Gordon

TeShamin Burt

Jethro Libutan

“As a Senior Partner at a global auditing firm, I had a 15+ year relationship with Cii’s software development team. Their work was always of the highest quality, thoughtful and timely. The international auditing world has a unique set of challenges, from multilingual environments to country-specific laws. Cii’s software development met these challenges, communicated regularly, accepted changes in the project easily, and delivered the goods! I recommend them without reservations.”

Keith Newton

Large Accounting/Auditing Firms Have
Critical and Unique Requirements


Regardless of the core enterprise accounting platform, Cii can create a wrapper of custom tools and features – seamlessly. This is not hypothetical, our team is ready. with Client Acceptance, Trial Balance, SimplisTicks, and Engagement Tracking.

Our solutions are designed to be multi-lingual for international applications.


Local International, GAPs and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are strictly adhered to. Checks and balances in place.


Quality initiatives, internal goals, and productivity measures can be accessed from a central dashboard. A large firm can be performing 1,000 audits simultaneously. How are you evaluating progress, timeliness, and accuracy? Our software, Audit Oversight, provides verification, externally and internally. It also allows configuration, management and execution of audit inspection(s) nationally.


Local or remote, online or on-premises, secure access and collaboration to sensitive data is the lifeblood of accounting and auditing firms. Cyber security attacks are becoming exponentially more sophisticated with the advent of widespread availability of AI. It literally has become an arms race.


What departments should take the lead in software direction and evaluation? Which international partner country should? The neutrality of a third-party partner can provide strategic control.

Cii’s Existing Tools Competencies

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Cii has over 30 years of experience developing custom software for auditing firms specifically designed to meet the unique needs and workflows of auditing professionals. Offering features such as automated data entry, real-time financial reporting, client management, and tax preparation tools, we help your teams do more in less time. With streamlined processes and enhanced security, Cii empowers auditing firms to improve efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss your custom enterprise software project.

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