Cloud Solutions

Why settle for a one-size-fits-all solution when you don’t have to? Cii offers Cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes to help streamline workflow easily and affordably.


Cloud Desktop

Work smarter, not harder; your technology should make your job easier. Cloud Desktop solutions does exactly that.


Exchange Hosting

Enjoy all of the productivity-enhancing features of a complex, in-house infrastructure with Exchange Hosting that Cii can provide.


Cii Cloud

Our cloud solution is not only simple to use, but also easy to manage through our software integration.


Hybrid Cloud

Looking for a solution that’s the best of both worlds? Cii’s Hybrid Cloud offering is a solution that’s custom-tailored to meet your needs.


Cloud Migration

Moving to the Cloud doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our team of experienced professionals simplifies your transition to the cloud.


Hosted Web Protection

Keep your information where no one from the outside can touch it. Cii will keep your business-critical data safe and secure.

Work simpler with Cii.

Finding the right technology solution is impossible without the right provider. At Cii, we take the time to understand where you’re going; our job is to make sure that you get there. Reach out today for more information.