Secure File Sync

Your files are secure with Cii.

Collaboration shouldn’t involve security concerns. Stay safe with file sharing from Cii.

Make Collaboration Simpler With Cii

The more closely you communicate with your team, the easier it is to achieve optimal productivity. Without the right collaboration tools in place, it can make the entire process much more complicated, insecure, and fraught with potential cyberthreats. That’s why Cii offers Secure File Sharing solutions, putting you in the best position to work closely with team members, no matter where they are located. Sending files securely shouldn’t mean you have to compromise; why not use a solution that provides high-quality security while maintaining peak efficiency?

Features Of Secure File Sync

  • Minimal installation cost.
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • Granular permissions.
  • Data revocation.
  • Seamless data sharing.

Secure Your Communication Platform.

A flimsy file security plan can leave you exposed to cyberthreats. Cii will make collaboration simple, safe, and efficient.

Is Your Current File Transfer Solution Safe?

A modern company needs a modern solution when it comes to sharing information. Transferring files safely is a critical component for maintaining a steady workflow. Your clients’ trust, employees’ information, and business-critical data is contingent on your safety and security. Cii encrypts files and folders that you use every day with fully-upgraded, cutting-edge security features. If accessing and sharing files is something you have to do frequently, it’s safe to assume that’s the case, Secure File Sync services from Cii are exactly what you need going forward. The more control you have over your process, the easier it is to plan for the future—don’t leave the protection of your information up to chance.

What Benefits Does Secure File Sync Offer?

  • Superior Protection: The safer your files are, the less you have to worry. Any collaboration tool you use should be able to let you work without causing undue stress. With Secure File Sync, you can spend more time working on what matters and less time focusing on everything that can go wrong. Cii will handle all of the protection—all you have to do is worry about the tasks in front of you.
  • Optimal Efficiency: An insecure, fraught encryption method can leave your network exposed and cause downtime that you haven’t accounted for. Cii’s methods make sure that you have access to the files you need, right when you need them.
  • Convenience: Why keep files in the cloud? It’s a question a lot of companies ask when they’re unfamiliar with how a cloud platform works. Cloud storage is a great way to keep your information accessible to those that need it, while making it more difficult for hackers and other cyberattacks to reach it. It also helps users that rely on mobile devices gain access from wherever they’re working from.

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