Exchange Hosting

Are you using the right email solution?

Want to move to the cloud and away from an in-house email server? Exchange hosting is the perfect solution for your network.

What is Exchange Hosting?

No two networks are exactly the same, and the email platform you use should reflect those differences. Hosted Exchange email offers the best of both worlds; as a hosted version of Microsoft’s enterprise email and messaging server, Exchange, you get all of the productivity-enhancing features without the complex in-house infrastructure.

Benefits Of Exchange Hosting

At Cii, our team takes care of everything from initial installation to ongoing maintenance for your Exchange hosting email, offering your company benefits including:

  • Predictable costs.
  • Scalable service offering.
  • Seamless collaboration and communication platforms.
  • High-quality user experience for Outlook users.
  • Airtight data protection.
  • “Anywhere” access.
  • Comprehensive email, calendar, and contacts syncing.

Simplified, Manageable, And Cost-Effective.

As one of the top hosted exchange providers, Cii is always looking for new ways to make our clients’ process better.

Flexible Solutions For a Modern Business

The key to achieving optimal productivity is giving your team flexible technology. The easier it is for them to work wherever, whenever, the more likely you are to be able to tackle big projects and stay on track. Exchange hosting is the simple answer to a complex problem that so many companies face: how do you increase flexibility without sacrificing performance? It allows you the freedom to only pay for what you need so that you can avoid costly management and installation fees for services that don’t actually improve your process. Exchange hosting also helps users access their mail remotely and from their mobile devices, allowing them to turn any location with internet connection into their new office. Small businesses didn’t always get to enjoy the same resources and flexibility as some of the big guys—with Exchange hosting, that’s a thing of the past.

Does Cii Offer Other Email Solutions?

Why stop at one? Cii offers unique hosted email services because we recognize that each company has their own unique needs. We provide other options, including:

  • Google Apps – This platform is the perfect option for a company looking to enjoy optimal cost savings, especially if what you’re looking for in mail and messaging isn’t super complex.
  • On-Premise Exchange Server – The more flexible your email solution, the easier it is to stay in touch with your team. An on-premise Exchange server may cost a little more than a typical platform, but it’s the industry-leading service for a reason.
  • Office 365 – Microsoft’s hosted email solution presents a reliable, scalable alternative to other email options. Some companies may feel that a private, third-party offering better suits their needs, but Office 365 is worth looking into if you’re considering making the jump to a cloud solution.

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Finding the right technology solution is impossible without the right provider. At Cii, we take the time to understand where you’re going; our job is to make sure that you get there. Reach out today for more information.

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