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Cloud Services

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Desktop-as-a-Service is Here

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), the exciting new offering from Microsoft has been released, and as always Cii is leading the way with advanced testing and integration solutions.

Equipped with auto-scaling capability, we can also take one of the most affordable cloud platforms, Microsoft Azure, and control or even lower your costs further.

Meet Cii Cloud 2.0

Our cloud solution is not only simple to use, but also easy to manage through our software integration.

Cloud Services

Compatible with native Windows 10 desktop, WVD provides a user-experience that is virtually the same whether in the cloud or on a local Windows 10 machine

Cloud Services

A simple and low-cost way to deploy desktops and applications to cloud, WVD is unlike anything else available from other public cloud providers

Cloud Services

Microsoft offers GPU support in most of their datacenters, allowing power users to run complex graphic-intensive applications that previously could not run on a cloud desktop

Cloud Services

WVD simplifies the licensing and deployment of virtual desktops in Azure

Cost Effectiveness
That Will Surprise You

Get the best in cloud hosting through Azure while taking advantage of all potential savings with Cloud 2.0

Cloud Services

Let us estimate what a move
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for your organization.

We look forward to sharing the amazing opportunities the cloud has to offer.

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