Quality IT solutions across the state of North Carolina.

World-class service with a local touch. That’s Cii.

Locations We Serve

Cii specializes in providing high-quality IT services for companies across the great state of North Carolina. While the range of services we offer for each specific area might differ from location-to-location, the quality of care and support we provide is always at the highest standard, regardless of what kind of technology you utilize at your company. Some of our locations are;

  • Apex
  • Cary
  • Chapel Hill
  • Charlotte
  • Durham
  • Raleigh
  • Wake Forest
  • Zebulon

Reliable High-Quality IT Services

An IT provider should do more than just install technology. We tailor our offering to help your company flourish.

Services We Offer

The quality of technology you use everyday for your company plays a huge role in whether or not you’re successful, both in your daily processes and fulfilling your long-term business objectives. At Cii, we tailor our IT solutions to your specific needs so that every piece of hardware and software application you work with is fine-tuned to your requirements. We don’t provide a diverse range of services just for the sake of it; we want to make sure that any question or issue our clients have with their IT can be answered swiftly and efficiently by one of our many technology solutions.

We’re always looking for cutting-edge ways to give our clients a better opportunity for optimizing workflow. You might be satisfied with your technology for the time being, but what’s your future outlook for your company? How do you see your technology playing a part in your long-term success? If the answer to either of those questions is unclear, Cii is here to help. Services we offer include:

  • Managed IT
  • Cloud Services
  • Application Development

What Are You Looking For In An IT Provider?

From initial assessments to long-term, ongoing maintenance, Cii is here for your company every step of the way.

Industries We Serve

Whatever vertical you work in, Cii has the answer for your specific situation. We’ve worked with clients across a broad variety of industries, including:

  • Architecture, Engineering, and Construction: The more functional your technology is, the easier it is to complete projects on time, with minimal error. Cii has helped firms work smarter, without having to work harder.
  • Manufacturing: The functionality of your supply chain is everything to your process. Cii delivers custom-tailored IT services that make it easier to streamline efficiency across your entire manufacturing system.
  • Property Management: How effectively are you managing your properties? Control every piece of your locations with Cii.
  • Medical/Pharmaceuticals: When it comes to the quality of your product, you can’t afford to cut any corners. Don’t miss another detail with cutting-edge technology from Cii.
  • Professional Services: Is your business thriving at the level you want it to be? Make sure you’re performing at a high level with technology that matters.

Discover how we can improve your network

Finding the right technology solution is impossible without the right provider. At Cii, we take the time to understand where you’re going; our job is to make sure that you get there. Reach out today for more information.

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