The Right Cloud Migration for Financial Professionals

Moving data to the cloud has become more vital than ever before. Financial service professionals can optimize their cloud environments with help from the cloud migration service experts at Cii Technology Solutions.

The Importance of AI Spam Filtering

Email privacy has been a critical issue since the early days of the internet, but an AI spam filter solution from Cii helps prevent privacy invasion threats.

Windows 7 End of Life is Coming

With the days of Windows 7 hanging by a thread, it’s officially time to install Windows 10 in our homes and offices.

Mark your calendars for January 14th, 2020 because that will officially be the end of Windows 7 as we know it.

Is Your Company Prepared For A Cyberattack?

Protect Your Network & Educate Your Users

You might already have a cybersecurity solution in place, but what happens if it falls on a staff member to stop a disaster from happening?

9 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

What is the Cloud?

The cloud is probably something you’ve heard of more times than you can count, but not something you’ve actually heard a lot about.