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3 Reasons Cii Cloud Is The Perfect Cloud Solution For You

Meet Cii Cloud

The future of cloud desktop-as-a-service is here! It’s called Cii Cloud and was developed by us, specifically for you and your unique business needs. With the release of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) as a new and exciting cloud option, our developers jumped into creating advanced integration solutions. The product of their efforts, Cii Cloud, is equipped with auto-scaling capability and enables your business to run on one of the most affordable and well-known platforms, Microsoft Azure, while also controlling or even lowering your costs further.

Our Cloud Enables Self-Management

One of the most beneficial features of our software design is the simple cloud management portal that allows you to stay in control of your environment while keeping your IT costs minimal.  Our console provides you with a single pane of glass interface to manage users and access.  While we maintain the backend infrastructure and high availability components, you have the ability to manage the day to day changes. However, if you do get stuck or have questions our experienced technicians are available to assist.

Our Cloud is Customizable

Yet another problem with public cloud providers is that they don’t enable users to tailor the solution to their specific business requirements. Sure you may have a couple of options based on the size of your organization or support needs, but often public cloud solutions don’t offer much customization at all. At Cii, we encourage our clients to personalize their cloud workstation or server to best fit their needs. Our goal is to make sure your business is successful and running smoothly. We also realize that companies undergo growth and change, which requires a certain level of flexibility in business operations. With Cii Cloud it’s easy for you to update your cloud workstations and servers not just upon implementation, but at any timeso you can ensure your business needs are met at all times.

We Can Help You Save Money While Increasing Mobility

Our cloud solution provides you with a simple and low-cost way to access your business infrastructure from almost any device.  This means that your employees will be able to access applications as well as corporate or client data from the office, the field, their home or anywhere they have internet access. What does this all mean in the long run? You’ll save exponentially on setup and maintenance costs and increase the productivity or your workforce!

Interested in learning more about all that Cii Cloud has to offer? Read up on all the benefits of our private cloud solution here or contact us.