What are the Benefits of a vCIO?

It Consulting Vcio Blog | Cii Technology Solutions

Finding an IT service that fits with your company is about more than simply satisfying your day-to-day operations (although that’s a big part of it). You need to know for sure whether or not the technology you work with and the processes you use are actively helping you succeed long-term. So many companies get caught…

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How Reliable is Your Current Server Support?

Server Support Blog | Cii Technology Solutions

It has all of your information and applications and is the cornerstone of everything you do at your company. But do you have a plan if something goes wrong with your server? It’s easy to gloss over the need for consistent server support when everything is working as it should, but it’s always a good…

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It’s Time for a Network Assessment

Network Assessment Blog | Cii Technology Solutions

When’s the last time you evaluated your technology? For most companies, it was when they installed it in the first place. And while it’s easy to overlook minor issues so long as things are generally working the way that they should, there comes a time when you simply can’t ignore the performance of your network.…

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The Benefits of Server Virtualization and VPS

Are you working harder when you could be working smarter? It’s Time to Virtualize There’s an old adage that most companies (in most industries) stick to come hell or high water: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And while this certainly applies in some instances, few industries evolve and necessitate change as quickly and…

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